Your camping holidays in Pays de la Loire

During your holidays at the camping Les Voiles d’Anjou, come and explore the Loire Valley, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The whole family will just love the huge variety of activities on offer here too!

See the legendary châteaux of the Loire and the troglodyte locations here; have loads of fun in the famous amusement parks in the region; wonder at the animals in the zoos; culture and lots to discover in all the museums; plus introductions to winemaking and wine tasting. For a really unforgettable time, choose Yelloh! Village! Thrills and excitement guaranteed!

  • Futuroscope

  • Terra Botanica

    Terra Botanica Park

  • Zoo de Beauval

    Beauval Zoo

  • Angers

  • Saumur

  • Camping Rosiers-sur-Loire

    Les Rosiers-sur-Loire

  • Camping Puy dy Fou

    Puy du Fou

  • Zoo de doué la fontaine

    Doué la Fontaine Zoo

The castles of the Loire

From the best-known to the most secret, from mediaeval fortresses to Renaissance properties, they all bear the traces and the memories of the history of France.

The zoos and theme parks

Whether you are looking to discover animals or if you are after some thrills, the Val de Loire region is a giant playground of zoos and theme parks.

  • The Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine, known and admired for its commitment to protecting endangered species
  • Beauval Zoo for an encounter with panda bears, lions and 3,000 different animals
  • Terra Botanica, the first theme park devoted to plant life
  • The Puy du Fou, the best theme park in the world
  • Futuroscope, a theme park based on multimedia, audio-visual and cinematographic techniques

Historic monuments, museums and troglodyte sites

Discover the cultural treasures of the Loire Valley: monuments, museums, troglodyte sites will reveal all their secrets to you!

  • The troglodyte sites of the Loire Valley, Rochemenier, Forges, La Cave aux Sculptures, etc.
  • Fontevraud Abbey, one of the most beautiful abbeys in France with tombs of Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • The Slate Museum where you can discover this ancient art
  • The Mushroom Museum of Saumur, where mushrooms are still grown
  • Pierre et Lumière, admire the historic monuments sculpted in the tufa

Gardens and vineyards

Your holidays will also be a time for nature, getting away from it all and discovering lovely outdoor activities.

  • Les Chemins de la Rose in Doué-la-Fontaine, an English garden with more than 13,000 roses
  • The vineyards of the Loire Valley, visit the wine-growing estates of Saumur-Champigny, Layon, Savennières, etc.

The Loire by bike

You can start discovering the Loire from your saddle just 800 metres from the campsite. There is an 800-km circuit along which you can ride and admire the last wild river of Europe.

One of the most ideal ways to discover the Loire with your family is by bike away from the hustle and bustle and along safe routes. There are a number of different circuits that allow you to discover nature and all the treasures of the Loire Valley: the castles, enchanting villages and vineyards.

You can also discover “The Authion by bike” in the Loire Anjou Touraine Regional Nature Park. There are other circuits not far from the village in the Loire-Longué district where you can admire the forests, the countryside and the banks of the Loire.

Families can rent bikes in the village of Rosiers-sur-Loire and in Gennes.

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